The Suburban Christian


I came across Albert Hsu's blog, based around his book 'The Suburban Christian' a few days ago, and after listening to his video summary of the book, ordered a copy.

It really is a superb book. If you have ever wanted to understand why trying to form stable and impacting missional christian communities in the suburbs of a town is difficult, this book will be a big help.

You can read a summary of the book and download a free PDF extract here.

Some of the things I really like about the book are:

1. Description: He offers a great description of the good and bad of suburban life, and in particular how it spiritually forms us. It really does have an easy to read analysis of what consumerism does to us in the places we live, work and commute in the western world.

2. Non-pejorative: This is not a 'consumerism is evil', or on the other hand 'let's dive into culture' book, but a measured via media approach.

3. Constructive: And following on from that he offers a vision, and outline for how christians and churches can respond and live missionally in consumer culture, by engaging with and being alternative too that culture.