Literature and Latte


Well my first afternoon and evening on the writers course has been superb.

I realised again what a towny I am, when I found that running 5 miles in country lanes late at night, is kind of spooky, and hard to do when you can't see the road in front of you :-)

Quick post here with some resource highlights, from the course, then my next post will have some of the contents/materials.

Nick Page, the course leader (who is a hilarious mix of Jules Holland and Roland Riveron), put me onto Scrivener, a piece of software for writers on a mac.

The maker of Scrivener describes it as:

'Scrivener is a virtual writing studio that integrates the processes of outlining, storyboarding, research and writing. It's a notebook. It's an outliner. It's a cork notice-board. It's a ring-binder. It's a place to store and cross-reference your research. It's a basic word processor. From first idea to first draft.'

I've downloaded the free trial and it does look superb and I'll be using it for taking my notes over the rest of the programme.

Then someone on the course, a writer (someone who has books published), recommended 'Steering the Craft'. It's a book by Ursula K. Le Guin (I read several of her books when I was at high school) full of writing exercises, to help beginners write better.

Thanks to the new UK Amazon Prime, it's on it's way to me with free postage.