Leadership in Emerging Culture


I've been asked to consider being the lead mentor for a Doctor of Ministry programme. In other words to outline the modules, content and reading/teaching for the cohort based side of the programme, and lead it. The main idea is to have an international D.Min with a focus on Leadership in Emerging Culture.

As I sat down with a piece of paper, to think of possible and suitable topics, the ones below, came to mind. If you were me, what topics and themes do you think I should consider?

------- First quick run at some topics:

Emerging Culture: An exploration and analysis of current western culture and context, with particular attention to philosophical issues, and how secularism consumerism and capitalism function as competing religious systems to Christianity.

Theological Orientation: Historical and theological overview of current issues identified within the emerging culture that can be traced through the traditions and theological reflections of the church in history. The placing, locating and understanding of current theological issues within the context of the traditions, teaching and theology of the historical church.

Environmental Stewardship: Develop and articulate a theology of the environment and global stewardship, that is integrated into christian formation, praxis and community.

Social Justice and Ministry to the Poor: Explore and articulate a theology for social justice and ministry to the poor, and it’s integration into christians discipleship, practice, and church community formation.

Missional Ecclesiology: An exploration of theological and practical issues for ecclesiolgical methods and practices suitable for emerging contexts, that integrate all the previous modules, and provide a strategic response.