Global stereotypes of the Emerging Church


After doing some very serious reading on spatial, emotional, cultural, linguistic differences between countries, and the effects on leadership behaviors, I thought I'd bring that down to earth.

After all the criticisms of how academic research fails to connect to real life, imagine if you will, a blog meme sent around the world: What is the emerging church?. What titles for our posts might we get?

British: Some suggestions for emerging churches, possibly, that you might not even consider to be churches, or be offended by.

French: The love life of emerging church leaders German: The origin and development of emerging church from 1989 to 2007 (734 pages), with special reference to the work of Martin Luther American: 21 Best Emerging Church Ideas: (subtitle) Are there emerging churches outside the US? Japanese: Growing emerging churches more efficiently than the USA Russians: Emerging church plants in space Israel: Emerging church and the palestinian question Sweden: Emerging church and the welfare state Spain: Emerging church theological bull fight techniques

So dear readers, any you might wish to add? Any of you from other countries, or the home counties who feel missed out?

(Also if you are offended by my post remember that it is in jest, and accept my apology here with no need to comment)