What does deep church mean to you?


Over the last few months we've been very glad to have had an awesome group of guest writers here, sketching out for us a whole range of different areas, contributions and impacts that deep church can have. A big thank you to them for their contributions!

We hope you have enjoyed the painting of such a broad landscape but we are also conscious that Jason and I now need to present our own concrete thinking of how/where/what of deep church. Specifically where we see this fiting in with the emerging church conversation that we are already part and the vision we have for the deep church going forward.

We we would love your ongoing involvement with the site and therefore would love to hear your thoughts on what deep church means for you? If deep church is a blur we would love to listen to any specific thoughts, questions and concerns that you may have? I'm not guaranteeing you that we'll be able to answer them but it would be great to listen and talk with you more...