Updates to my blog


My blog has been migrated to some new speedy servers, so I hope you notice a speed increase. It had been getting slow with all the plugins for word press that I have. Alas the 'reads' plugin won't currently work, but I hope to bring that back in some form asap. I think it's been helpful for people to see what people are reading, not just commenting on.

For instance the 'Emerging Black Dog' post got over 1,600 visits in a couple of week. That post also leads me to another addition to the site. I'm going to try blogging some more personal stuff, and church planting thoughts.

I've mostly kept this site to resources relating to theological reflection about emerging contexts and church. However, for lots of reasons, some I'l post about later, I think I'm going to insert myself and the experiences from my church community into the posts more.