Iconic or ironic christian communities?


Scot McKnight got me thinking about his often used biblical word 'eikon' (imago dei - tselem). Basically he is saying that we are created after Gods image (eikon) but are cracked in four directions or dimensions: yourself, God, the other and the world. The letter of Paul to the Collosians (chp. 3) is very helpfull in this respect. From there on he concludes in one of his talks that we tend to jump from the cracked bit (Gen 3) to the restored bit (Rom 3). No middle part, a very individualstic approach indeed. What is the role of community in shaping and reshaping and restoring the image of God, the eikon?

Do we become iconic communities or ironic communities (I couldn't resist the play on words)? Do read the definition of Irony on wikipedia.

So what I did in a sermon is showing the members of our church the perfect icon (Jesus) and then placed all the pictures of individual of our community in a mosaic way (oops another play on words?) on Jesus the eikon.

I believe in a very real sense we do reflect the image of God in an individual way but that morning I wanted them to see that the community in its entire being reflects Jesus. Does that make sense? Is this a rightfull adaptation of what it means to be an icon?