Help with memorising the bible?


This last sunday morning, I spoke on the topic/theme of how we know things about God and make decisions, using the four sources John Wesley suggested.

1. Scripture - the Bible (Old and New Testaments) 2. Tradition - the two millennia ongoing history of the Christian Church 3. Reason - rational thinking and sensible interpretation 4. Experience - a Christian's personal and communal journey in Christ

We explored these four sources, then I suggested that (as I think Wesley did), that it was scripture through which all these sources are located and work together for Christians. They are not equal, and to be used by preference.

In particular, I was challenged again about how I experience and interpret my life and the world. I want to locate myself through those sources within scripture, and avoid the temptation to be articulated through cultural analysis and experience. Putting it more practically, having grown up outside church, I never had an orientation and overview of the bible, such as my wife did in the Brethren church.

Whilst I think I have a theological and historical overview of Christianity, I don't know the bible as well as I would like to. I currently feel the need to address that lack with the memorisation of bible passages. Not by propositional rote, but with creative memory skill techniques, reflection, immersion, and visualization.

So my to my question and request for help. Given my goal of 52 bible verses in 12 months, which ones would you suggest? One from each book of the bible (gets me most of way through the bible, maybe I should do 66 verses, one from each book of the bible). Any tips and advice, suggestion, orientations, resources?