Distinctly Welcoming: Multi Faith Dialogue


Over the last few years, one of the more interesting people I have bumped into is Richard Sudworth. Richard has been engaged in multi-faith dialogue for a number of years, and with the current tensions around radicalised islam, let alone any other religion, he's definitely some one to listen to.

Richard has a new book just published, called 'Distinctly Welcoming' with an accompanying blog to go with it here.

Richard is a reflective practitioner, in that he lives out what he writes about. He explains the book and blog as being about, 'an attempt to continue the conversation on how Christians can have a distinctive presence for the good of all amidst our current, challenging diversity. I will aim to signpost to resources, offer reflections, and bring in some other voices from both academic and practitioner backgrounds engaging across faiths. The book itself offers approaches to practical issues such as community action, dialogue, youthwork and evangelism in the multi-faith context.'

Do visit his site and check out the conversations.