consumerism, individualism and materialism


After my last post on consumerism and my research, I noticed a news story, on most major newspaper front pages and on the radio, and BBC new site etc. You can read about it here.

A comprehensive survey by Cambridge University of Primary school children that highlighted the record levels of anxiety, depression, and alienation our current generation of young people face, due to consumerism, individualism and materialism.

Family breakdown, exam pressure, celebrity culture and crime are the background to children's formation. A UK society, where family isn't valued, and the goal of life is to live commitment free, and be 'happy', with stuff and experiences, and the cult of celebrity and associated image management that goes with that, is the overriding meaning of life, that our young people are being formed into.

It makes depressing reading. And I wonder how much we form church around that culture, rather than offering an alternative to it. Do we even know how to live and do life together any more?