A Community Called Atonement


'A Community Called Atonement', Scot McKNight UK - £9.99 US - $11.56

My copy of this book arrived yesterday. I've been eagerly awaiting it, after all the buzz and expectations about it in the blogosphere.

I'm not looking for extra books to read, I have enough for my PhD to be getting on with. But having surveyed and dipped into this early this morning, I am captivated, hooked and will be reading this long and deeply.

Here are a few reasons for me to immediately recommend this book.

1. Hot Topic: Especially in the UK, with the ongoing discussion on atonement, and penal substitution, this book is greatly needed. I've posted here, and here about the caricatures and real issues Christians are wrestling with over the relationship between atonement theories and the Gospel.

Scot McKnights book, looks to be the best overview, introduction, and outworking on atonement that I have come across. If people on all sides, the anti penal substitution and pro lobby could read this book, they might find much to talk about together.

2. Confidence: I think this is a book to inspire confidence in scripture, the church, the gospel, and the hope we have in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

3. Praxis: This is a book that inherently leads to action, mission, and formation. In the little I read this morning, it caused me to be in wonder about Jesus, to pray, to have hope for the church, to see the atonement as the call to participate in the mission of God.

Anyone out there been reading it?