The Life Long Process of Finding ‘Your Voice’


Song writing is a slow discipline; it takes time to express your true self through song. It is an easier process to imitate and write songs like other people, but we’re not ‘other people’ we are ‘us’. I have come to passionately believe that God puts in us a unique song that helps us to connect with God in a beautiful way.

Here’s the truth of the matter: it takes time to find ‘your sound’ and you know what? That is okay! When you give yourself to the process of creating with integrity, then it actually becomes a journey of self discovery. When you finally find your own voice it is so satisfying. I started writing songs in a serious way in 2001 and since then have written about 20 songs and have completely finished 12.

I have lived with those songs, letting them form over time, I am in no rush. Of course I have had hundreds of ideas and recorded almost every one, but the songs have to live and evolve. This is ‘you’ we are talking about, it is sad to sell yourself short.

Of course, I could imitate Matt Redman or Tim Hughes and write a good song that may even get published—a lot of people do that—but to do so would be to deny the world of something of great value, the song God is writing in you and through you. What is it that God wants to show and say to the world through you? It may take 10 times longer but it will be so much better and definitely worth the wait.

Of course, if you think that this just applies to song writing then you would be wrong. This applies to so many aspects of our lives. I have found this approach to be frustrating at times, but in the end, I know that it is the better way.

Jonathan studied theology, music and worship at The London School of Theology (once upon a time called LBC). I then continued on their MA program specialising in Biblical interpretation. From there, my wife and I (yes I married while at Bible college) moved to Sutton in Surrey to work on the pastoral team at Vineyard Church Sutton. 18 months later, after a family bereavement, we moved to the South Coast of England and Jonathan worked for the Min-istry of Defence as a web designer and also with information management design and implementation! In August 2005 Jonathan moved back to Central London to plant a congregation for young adults called The Sanctuary Westminster which is part of the life and mission of Methodist Central Hall, Westminster.