Sacred Shelby Knot Moments


My son had his first day at high school today, and I began his tie knot training with the Shelby Knot (I don't think I'll tell him yet, that it is also known as the Pratt Knott). We'll move on the Half Windsor in a few months time :-)

It was a special moment, the joy of seeing him take this right of passage, conflated with my memories of starting high school. Whilst I have a daughter at high school (which a whole different experience!), it was a poignantly vicarious moment with my son.

I thought again of all that Jesus has brought me through as a child, and that my son as result of the Kingdom reality in mine, would see his high school experience in a very different way to mine.

It was a moment of peace, a sense of healing, a centering in the blessing of family, and a doorway into the reality of God's mission.

Not bad for tie knot practice.