Interactive Preaching


Stuart Murray Williams and my mate Graham Old, are about to launch what promises to be a great a new resource website. They have billed as a site that will 'promote the practice and values of dialogical, experimental, communal and practical preaching.'

Some more info from Graham, follows: will aim to be a fully interactive and open-source site. It intends to address the issue of moving beyond monologue sermons and will include articles for those interested in the history and biblical basis of the topic, as well as tutorials and examples for those wanting to begin preaching in (what many believe is) a more biblically, culturally and missiologically appropriate manner.

The site will include a forum to stimulate and facilitate discussion. This will be a safe place for practicioners to discuss their experiences with dialogical and interactive preaching and to offer one another tips and advice. There will also be a section of the site discussing non-verbal preaching through song, dance, drama, film and so on; there will be the opportunity for users to upload and/or view movie clips of interactive preaching. Additionally, we will provide a section that documents (and sometimes responds to) arguments in favour of the traditional sermon

The part of the site that I am personally most excited by is the 'Sermon' section where we invite users to post their own examples of interactive preaching. Then, in accordance with the spirit of the site, we will provide the opportunity for users to edit or add to one another's preaching (think Wikipedia!).

My purpose in contacting you is to ask if you would consider contributing to the site. Initially, we would need a number of people willing to offer articles or tutorials, but would also greatly appreciate anyone who is able to commit to regular contributions as the site builds and grows. Finally, if you feel unable to write or offer anything for the site, it would be helpful for us to build up a team of sympathetic advisors, friends and critics who will work with us to enable the site to better serve the Christian community.

If you feel that you can help in any of these ways, or simply want to suggest names/books/articles that we might want to consider, do please get in touch as soon as you are able to.

Many thanks,


Graham Old Northampton Anabaptist Network Study Group