I love darkness...


This is an abbreviated version of what I just put on my blog in response to someone who said that the emerging church loves darkness:


I love the dark places of this earth because that's where the light of Creator can shine the brightest. I stand for those who live in the darkness of the earth because that's who Jesus stood for. That's where social justice can reign and show herself true. That's where creation can see redemption.

I love the dark places of humanity because that's where the hills rise above the plains and where the candles can be lit. I love those who are persecuted for their faith because in them is more of the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

I love the dark places of my city because that's where I want to go because that's where Jesus lives; on the streets and tattoo parlors, and bars, and homeless shelters, and basements, and prisons.

I love the dark places within our faith community because God's grace is sufficient for all of us and no-one has to put on a fake smile or say that everything is fine when it isn't. Because Jesus dwells in pain and doubt and reality and confronts hypocrisy.

I love the dark places of my own heart, because I am prideful and selfish, and if God never exposed the darkness in me (or I never listened), I'd be a selfish, prideful, needy ass. Because Jesus loves all of me, and he's shaping me in love, and out of the darkness and pain, comes compassion, passion, humility, and empathy toward others.

I love the darkness of the night when I gaze at the stars above me and tremble in awe at the majesty of a God who loves darkness. I love dark music that shatters the comfortable mind and exposes the plastic fake actor in all of us. I love people who love darkness because Jesus came for the sick not the well. I love the dark side of the force because you can have the power of lightening bolts come out of your fingers. I love solar eclipses, and when lightening knocks out the power. I love goth, depressing pictures, deep movies, and disturbing stories.

I love darkness because Jesus was born in it and into it, lived in it, embraced those within it, and died in the darkest of nights - even though it was still day.

I love darkness because Jesus was not a middle class, modern white man living in suburbia, but a dark skinned middle eastern radical, living in a dark time in history, in a country living under the oppression of darkness from within it's own people and without.

I love darkness because if darkness is the only thing that loves darkness, how can the light shine?

I love darkness because Jesus embraced it, loved it, and so shall I.

David Fisher