What freedom do we really have?

As a Christian I am led to believe by some of those around me that I am weighed down by the heavy burden of following Christ.

Christians are often called hypocrites; we say one thing and do another…

These actions wound the Body of Christ in more ways than I think we can imagine. The rules and regulations that we have to live by are constantly questioned…’why on earth would I want to do that?’ ask my friends ‘why not just be free to do your own thing?’

‘My own thing’ now there is a thought…what is my own thing?

Before I became a Christian I did do ‘my own thing’, it was ‘my choice’ and ‘my freedom’ that made ‘my life’.

I was into heavy metal and hard rock. I still like it but it plays that soundtrack to my life and is not as all encompassing as it once was but I was growing up and this was my choice wasn’t it?

My brother introduced me to the world of heavy metal at the tender age of 13. I started going to gigs, we all did that. I mean you wanted to go and see your bands, they advertised, they said come and we came, we all did that.

I grew my hair long, at that time in rock history it was fashionable to have long hair and I was to no exception, we all did that. Then we would buy albums of the latest bands featured in the fashionable rock magazines, we all did that.

We all had leather jackets and denim jackets over the top with the sleeves chopped off, to this we would add woven patches, these usually went with a pair of tatty blue jeans and then as fashion changed we all wore tight black jeans, we all did that…

In fact we all followed rules of our fashion, that led us into sex, drugs and rock’n’roll… clichés are maybe the obvious rules but there are many more that we follow that we are unaware of….

I have known friends who have had sexually transmitted diseases, friends who have had a breakdown from drug use and dependency and friends who have died who lived fast and hard…

Is this freedom?

Is this fashion?

What is the word that describes people like me who claimed all sorts of freedoms but were actually just following the rules of consumer freedoms…that is, the hidden rules of others who will have you buy a product, the hidden rules that engage you into following a fad?

Isn’t this hypocritical?

Claiming freedom and yet following rules?

Isn’t there more freedom in knowing who you follow?

Marc Alton-Cooper