Finding Sanctuary: Living a rule of faith


Finding Sanctuary: £5.49

I've been mulling over for a few years how to introduce a 'rule of faith' for our church community, as a resource and help in Christian formation. In particular, I've read, and used elements from the 'rule of St Benedict', as ingredients for some of our values and practices already.

But I have still wanted to take it a stage further as something for people who want to, to explicitly get involved in as a commitment and practice. Then I just came across the book 'Finding Sanctuary', which is so good, and will help take us forward in this area, I hope/think.

It's written by Abbot Christopher Jamison, who is the Abbot of Worth Abbey. The book is a follow up to the acclaimed BBC TV series 'The Monastery'.

The TV series took place at Worth Abbey, where five men with no faith background spent 40 days living at the Abbey and joining in the monastic life and routine of the monastery, and about how it affect them all deeply and profoundly.

It's an inspirational book that outlines the The Worth Abbey monks life the 'rule of St. Benedict.