Emerging Church: Paradigm Shift or Passing Fad? Part II


I enjoyed my two days with the EA UK council. My presentation was the last session, and seemed to be received well judging by the nature and volume of questions afterwards, and comments. Out of all the talks I have produced I found the title given to me (above), my brief, and audience rather daunting.

I so wanted to be a help and positive influence, given the nervousness of many in the room to the subject of emerging church. Thanks to this new digital audio recorder, I got an immediate stereo MP3 for uploading, and you can get a copy/listen to it here.

If that link doesn't work, try this unedited MP3.

I'm going to post my notes when tidied up, and list of books I referenced over the next couple of days. Meantime my slide are here as powerpoint.

There was a great presentation yesterday by Jonathan Lamb and subsequent discussion about the inherent and historical disunity within evangelicalism, that was refreshingly frank, honest, and open.