The Wave


Simple Church is only as simple as you want to make it? Maybe...Maybe not. I'm suggesting that working through some issues as to arrive at being a simple church isn't simple at all. I suggest that there are different ecclesiological tracks running through recent church history. And in my head I might be wishing, hoping for or even prophetising about contexualized, emerging models, in reality I'm caught up in a wave of a network consisting of church and its members, friends, camps, conferences, school, blog, and so on.

Is it just me but doesn't it seem that we are going up and down the full spectrum of ecclesiological wave (click on the image for full sized image of this wave)?

On sunday I'm an elder in a classical ecclesiological church. My history is paved with memories of EPC hick-ups (see Alan Jamieson and his 'Churchless Faith' on this one). On family camps I experiment with emerging forms of liturgy and groupdynamics. And the beauty of it all (no, not the tragedy of it all) is that need to learn to be part of that wave in a humble way. I won't change the world. People won't adapt so easy to my perception of church reality but I can ask questions and I can make others think on where they are at in this wave. There is a lot more to be said on this but that will be for an article, sooner of later.

But does it make sense or am I the only one caught up in this wave? What do you feel?