Redemption stories...


This last weekend I was fortunate enough to visit the church my parents attend in Denver, CO. It’s called Pathways and is an awesome church! They were ending a series using movies as their theme.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before (or this will be a reminder) I LOVE movies! I love watching movies just to enjoy them, analyzing them, finding symbolism, deeper meanings, etc. So this was right up my alley!

Anyway, the movie they talked about was Little Miss Sunshine. If you haven’t seen it, I highly highly recommend it! It’s funny and ironic, and at the same time, infuriating… if you watch it, you’ll understand. (When they were showing clips from it, half of the congregation was in tears they were laughing so hard!)

The pastor talked about the redemption of the father in the movie played by one of my favorite actors, Greg Kinnear. Throughout the entire movie, you want to do nothing but punch him in the face! The pastor talked about how the movie was not just about his daughter, Olive, getting into the beauty pageant, but about the redemption of the father. When he loses a book deal, his rough-around-the-edges father speaks life into him and encourages him through his simple words. This is the start of his redemption… The father has a “program” to no longer be a loser, and he puts that burden on his entire family, especially Olive. At the end of the movie, he must put down his idea of being a loser and embrace the mockery of others to save his daughter. He lets the love of his daughter come before anything else—especially the possibility of him (and his daughter) not being winners. He sacrifices his dignity and his status to dance with his daughter. He redeemed himself and his family and finally became okay with being a little less than perfect.

This sermon was awesome and I just had to share it with others! I’d encourage you to watch the movie (especially if you haven’t seen it before) and look for the redemption of the father. I would also encourage you to “dance with your daughter,” whatever that may look like for you. Put down your inhibitions and just go for it! Who cares if others laugh at you or think you are a fool—that’s what God has called us to do! Redeem yourself and those around you. Speak words of truth into someone’s life. Be a winner!

I’m not usually one for questions in a blog, but this topic really begs for it. So here goes:

-What movies have a deeper meaning for you? What is it and why? How has it impacted your life?

- Something for you to think about: is there some part of your life that God needs to redeem in your life?