Holiday thoughts


Well I'm back from vacation/holiday. Thanks to all of you who interacted with the posts I had running whilst I was away, I'll try to catch up with the comments asap.

I'm prone to introspection and reflection, and holidays give plenty of time for that and I realized again a few things about my life, that include:

1. Action: I usually struggle with holiday times, some of that is my workaholic tendencies, which cause me to spend too much time thinking about what needs to be done when I get back. But it's also learning that I'm wired so that I need to do something on holiday.

Two weeks of doing nothing is my idea of a nightmare. So after years of trying to do nothing on holiday, I now do stuff when I am away. This year I did a french language course, and got to practice speaking french on holiday, and I read some books, went running etc. Whilst my wife slept in and sunbathed most of the day, I was up early enjoying the sun rise, and space for recreation and learning.

I wish I had learned and embraced this about myself a long time ago.

2. Trusting Jesus: I listened to some great MP3s whilst I was running, one simple talk about trusting Jesus impacted me deeply. I was challenged about how often I don't really trust the depths of my life, circumstance and identity to Jesus. In particular with regards to the challenge of coming home and how I react to all the items in the post, email, ansaphone, and letters that are waiting for me. Will I be reactive, or will I trust Jesus to lead me through and back in the stage of life I am in? A break from everyday life, helped me see how far I have to go in trusting Jesus.

3. More of who I am: Similar to no 1 above, I read a book on learning and development that talked about how we become more of who we already are. As I read it I remembered being about 12 years old, and getting out 20 books from the town library every few weeks, on lots of different topics, only to have my family mock me saying 'you can't possibly read all those! Take them back'. I did take them back, and stopped doing that for a long time. It took nearly 25 years to find out that was part of who I am and how God has wired me, and to embrace and engage with that side of myself.

4. Email: Whilst I love technology and how it can enable connections and communication, and social networking, I didn't miss my email at all. In fact I was glad to unplug for 2.5 weeks.

Usually I try to get on line when I am away, but this time something had changed in me, and I was glad to stay away from it. I realized how reactive I am to email, and need to be better about not checking it on my days off, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and my days off. I came back resolved to be better with my relationship to my inbox from now on. Let's see how I do.