Daily Prayer Routine: The Divine Hours Pocket Edition


£6.99 - UK $12.21 - USA

I've written before about my use of the Northumbria Community prayers. I've used them online and in printed form. In fact I moved to the online version after trying the Divine Hours for a couple of months, and found the books to large to carry around with me.

Well I got a heads up from Paul Mayers, that there was a pocket edition for the Divine Hours. I got my review copy today, and it's superb/lovely. In that it's portable, usable, and simple.

So as I think about the resources I use for my prayer life they seem to fall into these categories:

1. Online: I use Sacred Space most often as it's short, simple, and doable. I then also use the Northumbria Community online office. It's longer but again suits my online life and is easy to follow.

2. Print/Books: As I mentioned I have used the full series of the Divine Hours, but found it too large to carry, and then have used the printed Northumbria Community prayer office, which I must admit, I have struggled to get my head around. That's I'm sure, due to my lack of investment in reading and using the book.

So just a quick heads up on this new Pocket Edition of the Divine hours. I'll write more about the book, and fixed hour prayers later. Meantime, what resources do you guys use?