Eucharist Service


The word "Eucharist" comes from the Greek noun εὐχαριστία (transliterated, "Eucharistia"), meaning thanksgiving. This noun or the corresponding verb εὐχαριστῶ (I give thanks) is found in 55 verses of the New Testament (more background here).

Whilst we have 'communion' once a month in our sunday gathering/service/meeting, we are trying a full communion/eucharist service a few times a year. We held one yesterday, that included an explanation of the liturgical process we used for eucharist, and began with videos by our media team showing the history of communion/eucharist, and some video interviews with people from our community about what communion means to them (you can catch the videos here). We even baked our own unleavened bread.

Then we used prayers and texts from Nick Fawcett's small but outstanding book "For you and for Many", for our liturgy and eucharist.

In the context of my post on the Deep Church site on mediation and intimacy, I was struck again of our immediate experience as a community of the presence of Jesus, whilst using the mediation of liturgy. We also incorporated the elements of our charismatic tradition with a music team/band and had open prayers times.

It was a deep and enriching time, and the process of preparation for receiving communion a privilege. I was approached at the end of the meeting, by a young lady who said she wanted to hand over her kingdom in exchange for the kingdom of Jesus. That made my morning.