5 Things I dig about Jesus


Rich Tatum tagged me with this blog meme, started by John Smulo.

It's been sitting in my email for a few days, and it got me thinking about how firstly as an englishman, I couldn't possible 'dig' Jesus'. That's far to american ;-)

Then it got me thinking about how I don't generally blog journal entries, family information, personal faith information, and keep the blog focused on the topic of church and culture, and that some people construe that as me not having a personal faith and belief in Jesus. Increasingly I get emails every month from people who assume I am not a christian, and need warning about losing my faith.

So in the spirit of the '5 things I dig about Jesus' meme, and some disclosing, here are some of mine. I'm going to be completely selfish and share some of the things that Jesus means most to me. What are some of yours?

1. Jesus is my basis for being, my story, my ultimate and primary reality. 2. Jesus is my identity, in the body of Christ. I find who I am in the people of God, in the mission of Jesus in history. 3. Jesus is my king, master, lord, redeemer, saviour, my soul's sufficiency. 4. Jesus found and rescued me literally, and transformed and healed my life, I owe Him everything. 5. Jesus is my only hope in this life and for eternity. He is my way, my truth, my life.

Now I tag (So many people I could, but here are 5):

Josh Case Peter Aschoff Paul Mayers Eric Keck Mike McNichols