Engaging with Contemporary Culture: Christianity, Theology and the Concrete Church


I got a review copy of this book, which is sooo expensive in hardback, but is coming out as paperback edition soon. You can search inside it here.

I know I read and recommend a lot of books, but this one is outstanding, at least for me. Practical theology is the focus of the book, which is usually relegated to the application we make once we have done real theology, like biblical studies, systematics, historical theology, and is often called 'applied theology'. This book sits in the emerging stream of 'practical theology' that engages with concrete everyday church life, rather than something to do/apply after having done theological reflection. It's also focused on current changes in church ecclesiology in the face of consumer culture.

It's helpful for exploring theological method that attends to concrete realities of church instead of the usual abstractions of church life, and then uses that method to explore current issues of church life amidst consumer culture. It's on the list of my top 'must read in full' books at present.