Emerging Truth PhD


Katharine Moody is a PhD student in the Religious Studies Department at Lancaster University and is looking for people to help her with a questionnaire for her research. Please see her request below, and do contact her asap if you can help.

--------------- Invitation to Research Participants

My name is Katharine Moody and I am a PhD student in the Religious Studies Department at Lancaster University. I am being funded to explore the beliefs of individuals involved in a conversation between Christianity and contemporary culture. I am looking for research participants to fill out a questionnaire, which asks them to explore their thoughts concerning a range of topics. There are 8 questions, including:

* In what ways might contemporary culture be useful for Christianity? * What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “I am the Truth”? * Why might Christian ways of understanding how the world is (or should be) be better or truer than any other understandings?

If you are reading this call for participants on a website related to the emerging conversation or have received it from an emerging community to which you belong, then you might already be involved in thinking about some of these things. Even if you have never thought about these kinds of questions before, I would really like to hear from you.

To participate in this research, you must:

* Be involved in a critical engagement between Christianity and contemporary culture (however this is manifest!) * Live in the United Kingdom

If you are interested in completing the questionnaire, please email me at k.moody1@lancaster.ac.uk and I will email or post you a copy. It would be great if you could return the completed questionnaire by July 6th 2007

Later stages of this project will involve face-to-face confidential interviews with any questionnaire respondents who are interested in exploring these issues further.

Many thanks, Katharine