Cultural Encounters: Theology of Culture Journal


I recently came across this journal, and having read a couple of back issues have taken the plunge to subscribe, it really is superb. It's available in the US and UK.

Purpose of Journal (from the journal web site)

Cultural Encounters — A Journal for the Theology of Culture is committed to pursuing a biblically informed, Christ-centered, trinitarian engagement of contemporary culture.

The journal has a two-fold aim in engaging contemporary culture: 1) to be biblically informed and 2) to have a Christ-centered trinitarian focus.

First, the journal is to be biblically informed. We are confident that the triune God is the ultimate communicator and that Scripture provides the basis for engaging contemporary culture in all its beauty and brokenness—constructively, critically and creatively.

Second, Scripture bears witness to the triune God's creation and redemption of this world, including culture, through Christ's incarnational and reconciling activity in history by the Spirit.

Thus, the journal will seek to focus on Scripture's disclosure of God's activity in history, and how it informs our engagement of culture in its various contemporary manifestations.