Back from the future?


I'm graduating college in December so I have started to figure my life out. I can't even begin to say how much it stresses me out to even begin thinking about it. However, in all of the stress and discussions about my life and future career, I realized something. What happened to living in the moment? Is today really that bad? (Don't make me answer that!)

But seriously, imagine the possibilities of living for today, and today only! Instead of thinking about what will happen in the future in regards to your decisions today, why not take the opportunities that are given to you and run with it as long and as far as you can. No one knows what will happen in the future, so basing your life off of hypothetical outcomes causes more problems than it will theoretically avoid.

The biggest obstacle that thinking in the future is that I (and I'm sure other people as well) over-think every situation. I have been praying and been determined to live my life on the edge of my seat, ready to have God take me wherever He wants me. Yeah... the catch is that it only works if you actually let God do so and not talk yourself out of it. God doesn't work logically. He doesn't work like we think He will, and definitely not when we think He will. So with that being said, how could we ever think about God and how He works in a logical way?

God knows the desires of our hearts and will not make us do anything that we are completely resistant to. For example, I want to eventually live in Denver, much closer to my family, but why do I feel the need for it to be now or in a few months? I may eventually be there, but why not travel the world first? What if God is calling me somewhere and I have talked myself out of it? God can't work with us or show us His will if we think it is illogical or we are unsure of the outcome and as a result do not follow where we are being guided. If God is calling us somewhere or to do something, He has promised to take care of us. He wouldn't ask us to do something and let us fall on our faces. But only when we live in the now, letting God work in us and through us every day, will we be able to fully live in God's glorious will.

But the questions remain... Is living in the today, without much consideration of the future, even possible? If so, how? Can people really function in life if they live with the constant possibility of having to drop everything and go?