Theology of Comedy & Humor


I'm just finalising my prep for speaking at the Comedy Zone in Sweden end of next week on the theology of humour.

Some of the ingredients will be contrasting Greek humour and tragedy, the alignment of the tragic with the Christian story as superseding humour in western history, the penchant for awards in media culture to go to 'serious' works, and ultimately the misunderstanding of humour and it's connection to God, and our world.

I'll explore how humour is vital to understanding ourselves, other and God, and how our approach to humour reveals our understanding of those things. I'll finish with the use of some clips from Eddie Izzard, South Park, King of the Hill, and Richard Dawkins, to show how humour might be just what we need to save the world from it's 'serious' ills at present, or religious and atheistic fundamentalism, and consumer apathy and indifference .

And I'll avoid trying to crack any jokes. The cartoon above was sent to me by the event organiser, Mackan Anderson, via Daniel Astgård