I got back last night from our church weekend away. We had the most wonderful time, and a couple of highlights for me were:

1. The Gift of Time: It was so good to have an extended time together, investing in getting to know each other better, with existing and new friendships. I'm convinced more than ever of the need to gift time to each other in our fast paced consumer society.

2. Bible: Most of the weekend was built around making time to relax and be with each other. We had one session on saturday morning with Andy Hickford, that has left me moved and inspired.

Some people help me understand culture, theology, church life, etc better. Andy is one of those people who inspire me to pursue relationship with Jesus, and to do so around the bible. I wanted to become a Christian again, and realised how often my faith can become secondary to my knowing about Jesus and church.

We recorded the session and when it's up on our site, I will get the link up here.

Meantime here is a video a couple of guys at our church made over the weekend to help us remember the highlights.