Rating Churches


When Jim Henderson of Off The Map was still a pastor he started paying people to go to church. Jim wanted to know what outsiders thought of his church so he offered them $25 to visit and give him feedback. You can read more about that in the opening chapters of Jim and Casper go to Church.

Off The Map now has a site ChurchRater where anyone (outsider or insider) can rate churches. We’re hoping it will encourage constructive dialog about how Christians ‘do church’.

(Note: if you rate churches outside the U.S. please put the city and country in the city field and leave the state field blank.)

It’s interesting to see how people react to the concept of rating churches. What do you think?

  • Is rating churches appropriate or inappropriate?
  • Is it too subjective to have any meaning?
  • What about outsiders rating churches?
  • Should Christians care what outsiders think of their churches?

by Helen Mildenhall, Guest Author