Christians and The Environment


We had a great meeting with our church community, Sunday night as follow up to as series on the environment/social justice/consumerism that we have been through over 5 Sundays.

At the meeting we focused on identifying the key areas for us to engage in as a church ministry for environmental issues, and suggested these:

1. Footprint: CO2 reduction, of the church and individuals. 2. Education: Aspects of training, education, discussion, learning, web resources, and counsel for church members and our community to learn about and make changes.

3. Products: Research and advice to church family and wider church on ways to use consumption (i.e. beneficial products), and reduce consumption of products.

4. Lobbying/Politics: A role for transformation of our local community, engagement in local politics, and awareness of politics of environmental issues.

5. Whole Life Discipleship: The ongoing process of integrating all of these areas as part of our discipleship, and church discipleship.

6. Community Projects: Opening our church projects and initiatives to the local community, and joining in existing local initiatives.

7. Accountability: Having staff and trustees of church produce policies and procedures that keep the church accountable and support these values and practices.

At our next meeting in June, we will set some goals, choose the first lots of activities we are going to pursue, and see who take forward these ideas and form our environment ministry team.

So for any of you involved in this in a church community, or had experience of environmental issues, any key areas you think we missed out?