A Brief Guide to Ideas


A Brief Guide to Ideas, William Raeper & Linda Smith UK - £13.99 USA - $19.99

I got this book from amazon, second hand for next to nothing, and have been carrying it around with me as reference book. In my reading as I stumble across the names of so many famous thinkers in history, and discussions based on their thoughts, I have found my recollections and knowledge of philosophers, and theologians, their beliefs and interconnectedness woeful. This book has been a great help.

It could have been titled, the dummies guide to the history of philosophy, philosophers, theologies and theologians, and their connectedness. Superb.

Book Description (from Amazon) Philosophy -- dry and remote? Think again. It's as relevant as tonight's news, as immediate as the choices you make in a career. If you want to interact wisely with the world you live in, you need to understand the ideas that shape its commerce, launch its humanitarian efforts, trigger its wars, and profoundly impact the way you yourself approach God, life, and relationships.

Postmodernism, Platonism, Humanism, Existentialism, Feminism, Rationalism, Fundamentalism, New Age . . . They're more than just terms. They're structures of thought you encounter constantly. This book gives you a fundamental grasp of what they are and how they influence your dealings with the world . . . and its dealings with you. You'll gain essential insights into over 40 of the world's major thinkers.

Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Descartes, Kant, Locke, Marx, Nietsche, Freud, Wittgenstein . . . A Brief Guide to Ideas introduces to you these and many more of the great philosophers. You'll develop a working knowledge of numerous key ideas and movements. And you'll learn how philosophers and religions through the ages have grappled with critical questions that influence your life today.