Revelation: An Image-Rich Ancient Book of Comfort


My friend Winn Griffin, who was in my D.Min programme, and has a previous doctorate in biblical, studies and was John Wimber's ghost writer, has just launched an online study series on the book of revelation, that works via a blog. With an ear/eye to emerging cultural, a sharp biblically literate mind, this should be a a great resource for anyone wanting to get into Revelation.

Below are some highlights of the blog/teaching series:

* Good Folks See Things Differently! There is often more heat than light about the Book of Revelation. * Apocalyptic What? A discussion about the what kind of Ancient Literature Revelation is. * Four Ways to Interpret Revelation If you have ever wondered why there are so many different views of Revelation, this will help. * What do those BIG words mean? A discussion of words like Preillennium, Postmillennium, and Amillennium. * Jesus: A Vivid Word Picture John's description of Jesus. * Reading the Church's Mail Jesus' view of the Ancient Church when it had not followed its mission. * Who's In Charge? God is always the main actor in this play. * Before and After A look at the 144,000. * The Temple is How Big? The measuring of the Temple. * 666666: What does this number mean? What does this number mean? * Your Kingdom Come! A discussion about the consumation of the Kingdom. * A Millennium is How Long? Should this number be taken literally? * New Heaven and Earth: Such a Cool Place Looking at the way the Holy Spirit acts on behalf of God's people.