Religious Symbols


On a BA flight last month, I came across this item of jewellery in the inflight duty free magazine. I am still surprised at how shocking the image was to me, I'm sure I have seen it many times before, but as I have been spending time thinking about the nature of symbols and beliefs, it got detected by my internal filtering processes for once. Rather than post about how symbols are abstracted from their communal contexts by commodification, I thought I'd ask you some questions about this image, of a cross, the sacred symbol of the christian faith with the Armani logo embossed on it in the place of Jesus. I'll post my thoughts/feelings as I interact with yours.

1. What do you see, what is your experience as you look at this? 2. What does this image/symbol communicate? 3. Is this image ok, or inappropriate, or something else? 4. Who is this image for? 5. What are the limits for using religious symbols? 6. What symbols wouldn't armani use and why? 7. Anything else as you reflect on this imagae that comes to mind?