Incarnate Network


Incarnate is a network for church planters, run by baptists (the UK kind!), and open to non baptists. The focus seems to be on church planting and emerging church contexts. I've signed up to participate, and connect. More info is below, and do visit them here.

A network for church planting by baptist church planters, open to all.

To be kept informed as this network develops, we need you to do something... click "Register" . This leads to you getting...

* the bi-monthly updates of church planting articles, stories, and resources * notification of Incarnate events in the UK (and mainland Europe in the future??) * access to profiles of other community members. * opportunity to create a personal profile on the site. * access to contribute to the discussion forums, comment on blogs and so on...

And you will be able to participate in the online church planting and emerging church clinics when they start. There is no charge and we'll look after your email address carefully.