Heresy is an attitude


Helen Mildenhall, sent me this link to a list of 25 Charateristics a university lecturer sees in his students, who asks what this might mean for the future of the church, it's fascinating reading.

There is one passing comment in the piece that talks about how 'A right answer given with a wrong attitude is suspicious to them. Attitudes and treatment of others is more important than right answers. They would have hated the Pharisees of Jesus day—people generally correct in their doctrine but wrong in their attitudes. To them, “Heresy is an attitude.”'

That phrase 'Heresy is an attitude' just summed so much I have been grasping around to define, but does so much better than I every could.

If the modern church was full of people with 'correct beliefs' who could be nasty, cruel, arrogant, little seems to have changed, so often. I am suscpicious of people with great projects, ministries, within and outside church, who display cynicism, arrogance, bitterness, co-oercion, and any kind of pathological behaviour.

I'm not asking for people to be perfect, I'm not asking people to be unpassionate about their cause, and I am not arguing for things to stay the same, we need some major changes. But I am just wondering about the overal bent, and leaning of some in their beliefs about church, be they old beliefs, or newly constructed ones. Why does being a christians still seem to make us worse as people?

The fruit of the Spirit and the activities of the Spirit should go together shouldn't they? Or why do they so often not seem to do so? Surely the truths of the Kingdom should make us in better people who take action in kindness, or am I missin something?