There's No Such Thing as Christian Ethics



Two sundays ago our church began a series on issues of the environment, and social action, and consumerism. I wanted us to begin by taking a step back from the discussion on whether global warming is happening, and what can we do if anything, and look at the bigger issues of the ethics of Christian living. How should we live as christians and what is the context of consumerism we find ourselves in. The introductory talk is here.

The title is the suggestion that to be a christian is to live an ethical live (rather than ethics be something we can bolt on afterwards) and why and how consumer culture and christian culture makes it optional so much of time.

Also in gathering practical resources, for the action end of caring for the environment, one of the most helpful I have found (thanks Peter Aschoff for telling me about this) for tracking the environmental decisions we make is This site gives you simple things you can do, and an online system to track them and see the effect they have. You can also track your actions through a group registration which we are considering, so we can measure in some way the collective impact of our community as we take action.

Are there any other similar sites you have found helpful for doing this?