Mind the Gap


Have you ever noticed there's a gap between how you think you should behave and how you actually do behave?

To put this another way: if you're a follower of Jesus do you ever feel that you’re not following Jesus closely enough – that the gap between him and you is bigger than it ought to be?

If the answer is no, then I’m afraid none of the questions I want to ask will apply to you. (At least I saved you some time commenting on this :-))

If it's yes, what have you found is effective in narrowing the gap?

Please be as specific as possible. For example, if your answer is “I pray”, please say as much as you can about how and why that helps you.

Do you ever narrow the gap by rethinking how you think you should behave (i.e. changing how you judge yourself)? Do you ever narrow the gap by reassessing what following Jesus should be like (for you)?

Or do you always seek to narrow the gap by looking for effective ways to change your behavior (and/or facilitate God changing it)?


  1. Paul, thanks for your help and suggestions with this post!
  2. If you don't understand "Mind the Gap", you need to go ride the London Underground sometime...