Meet Joshua Case - this weeks guest author...


This week we are really glad to have Joshua Case doing a guest post on the site. He might be the last of the guests we have featured but in no way is he the least - tomorrow we hope to bring you a first for this site - a video blog! Whislt you are waiting on the edge of your seats, ready to write or record your own thoughts, here are some questions I put to Josh awhile back.

Hi Joshua, great to have you as a guest. Please could you tell us a little bit about Who are you/what are you doing/being at the mo?

I currently serve as the Executive director for YFC Geneva, Switzerland and am a lead team member for a missional community called Shema. I have been in Geneva for four years now.

Thanks very much, is that how how/why you are interested/involved in/with emergent/emerging church?

I have been involved in the emergent/ing church conversation for several years now. I came to know Jason about three years ago when I began to explore the existence of any emerging/ent conversations happening in the region. Last year with Jason, I helped to organize the Geneva part of Brian McLaren's European trip which also brought together people like: Andrew Jones, Peter Rollins, Andrew Perriman, and Jamie Smith.

My passion for this conversation really is practical in nature. I've found that for many people walking around the streets of Geneva who have no connection to the established church (for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons), they still long for the same kind of 'redeemed creation' that Christianity desires to proclaim through Christ. Particularly, my interest is in exploring how to enable people to participate in the teachings of Jesus not merely through acts of sacramental worship, but through practical living out of the good news of the kingdom of God.

Ok, time for a little dreaming, please could you tell usf you could be anything you wanted to be, other than what you are now, what would it be?

If I could be anything other than what I am right now, I would probably be a professional golfer who uses his winnings in social philanthropy while taking time to write and participate in the life of a local faith community actively engaging in contextually appropriate mission.

That sounds like a great life - could you tell us who inspires you, who are your heroes and heroines and why?

Maybe it is cliche, but I have to honestly say Bono (of U2) is one of the biggest heros to me. He is an example of someone who has truly made the most out of his profession by harnessing his success for good. He has allowed his faith to inspire and inform his way of life. He commands the audiences of people because he is not merely wealthy, but because he is a real passionary (thanks to Lammert Vrieling for this term).

Sorry never heard of him, is he a golfer? Ok all joking aside theology is [always/sometimes/never] fun so please could you tell me how would you describe the Kingdom of God in 5 words or less?

Practical. Contextually-relevant. Radically-graceful. Spiritually-infused. Real.