Why are you bothered to be a christian (if you are)? Or does evangelism like charity start at home...

The above clip is of English commedian Catherine Tate. The catch phrase of her charecter Lauren, 'am i bovvered,' seems to capture 'the whatever' spirit of our generation in the same way the Henry Enfield's character 'loadsamoney' captured the spirit at the end of the 80s.

I have been thinking about this and what it might mean for evangelism/mission in our culture. In a western world which can't be bothered maybe there is something powerful in knowing why we are bothered to be a christian and being able to demonstrate that by living out what we believe?

So let me explore this Q with you over the rest of this post: why are you bothered being a christian?

Are you bothered that nearly 2/3 of the current world's population [cf some 4bn] are not christians - in traditional christian thinking that is an aweful lot of people who aren't going to heaven?

The methods of modernity used those who are bothered to try and change these numbers often seem to me to presupose christianity is right and everyone else is wrong. In other words you need to be a christian to have the truth and we are the only ones with the truth so you need to listen [a very much them and us mentality]. For example, we concluded if people knew more of the basic truths [Alpha] or were scared more [if you died tonight where would you be going?] more pople would become christians?

However if the answer to those modern approaches is 'am i bovvered' or 'whatever' maybe we need to rethink them? Do you think that is fair? Does that matter? Does that bother you? How else could we, as christians, behave/act/communicate?

I'm thinking on my blog about this whole subject of why would anyone would be bothered to follow Jesus and therefore be bothered about anyone else becoming a follower of Jesus to - or in old money how should we bother about evangelism and other religions/beliefs/faiths? To help me in my thinking I'd really love your help please in answering 3 simple Qs. I'm interested in your thoughts/feelings/experiences on:

1.why are you bothered to be a christian, or why are you not bothered?

2. If you are a christian what does that mean to you [what difference does it make, some recent examples would be great, etc]? And

3.What do you do as a christian to make anyone else want to be one [NB: not what you think should be done or what you would like to do]? If you're not a christian what advice would you give here? [practical examples would be great!]...

There are no right or wrong answers. This isn't a test. What ever you think/feel in response to these Qs would be great and I'd love to hear your honest view[s]...

Thank you very much! i'll play to and leave my answers in the comments section...

Paul Mayers