A new guest blogger this week: please welcome Peter Aschoff


Welcome to Peter who will be guest blogging this week. As with the other kind people who have starred as guests, I have conducted a mini interview with Peter so that you can know a lil bit more about him...

Hi Peter, so good to have you guest blogging here. Please could you tell us a little bit about Who are you/what are you doing/being at the mo?

I am married to Martina and we have four children between 12 and 16. I work for a church called ELIA, which is sort of a new church within the Lutheran Church and I am chairman of Alpha Germany which means that I get to travel to the UK at least once a year. I like reading, writing, running, red wine and Italian coffee.

Jase is well known for his love of red wine as well as co-ordinating of Emergent-UK so could you please tell us how/why you are interested/involved in/with emergent/emerging church?

I have (UK-based) friends who have been involved in what was then called "youth church" for some time. But it was only until I read Brian McLaren's "The Church on the Other Side" that I realized I am not too old for that, but right in the middle of the big shift in our western culture. I was especially intrigued by his (and others') views on the value of tradition, history, the arts and ecumenicalism. But I suppose the real resaon is because they all drink Latte and use Macs!

Heh i'm a pc man myself, but then i'm not quite as sold out to the image of the emerging church blogger, but i'll give you the latter lol ;). Time for a little dreaming, please could you tell us if you could be anything you wanted to be, other than what you are now, what would it be?

I am a curious and a communicative person. One thing I'd love to to is to travel the world (especially the not so well known parts) and write books about it.

An explorer at heart then! Finally since theology is always fun, please could you tell us how would you describe the Kingdom of God in 5 words or less?

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