Time Management


So it's the new year and I've had my usual time to think and pray and plan about priorities and goals for 2007 and beyond. There are a few online tools that I find myself using more and more, to order, track, motivate, measure and remind me how things are going. Here are a few of them (all free), incase you find them helpful too.

43 Things This is fun site to list your main goals in life. I've put some of my big goals here. 43 things is a tag based social network site, where you can find others with similar goals as you to 'cheer' (as they call it on the site, i.e push a button to tell someone 'great go for it'), connect with and get support. Also you can use the site to send yourself timed reminders to ask you about your progress on your goals.

www.futureme.org This site lets you send emails to yourself in the future. In other words you send the email, and time delay it through the site. I have set up some for my big goals, to cheer me on at future dates. I've also used it to diary and journal things that I want to remind myself of in the future.

Monkey On Your Back This site is billed as a place to set up to do's that you want others to do, and have an online moneky avatar chase people by email. I tried a few with my wife but she 'killed' them all with a button push. I don't blame her :-) I use it to send myself reminders and have it update me!

Tick Spot I estimate I have to do 4,000 hours of reading and study for my current Ph.D. Like the proverbial 'eating an elephant piece by piece', I am using Tick to audit and visually track my weekly, monthly, termly and overal reading and writing Goals. It's easy to update, and the visual feedback is helping me keep on course.

Any other tools you are finding useful?