Meet Makeesha and Paul - this week's guest bloggers...


First up, wishing you all a very happy new year folks!!! As Jason mentioned in his post on changes to his blog for 2007 there will be some guest writers featured each week. We thought it would be fun to introduce the guys and gals who will be guest blogging each week and have done a mini interview with them so you can find out a little bit more... hopefully you'll want to go and check out their sites (those who have them) and they in turn will engage, inspire, provoke you to join in the conversation...

This weeks featured guests are Makeesha (who posted these awesome thinking thoughts already) and me, Paul - having set the Qs I thought I should also answer them as well...


please welcome Makeesha Fisher...

Hi Mak, please could you tell us a little bit about who are you/what are you doing/being at the mo?

I am a stay at home mom to 2 girls, Shayel and Aliyah, wife of almost 8 years to David. I do graphic design from home and co-pastor a progressive/experimental service that is a "church within a church" on the campus of Colorado State University in the US.

Thanks very much, you were too modest to mention you write some awesome thoughts across several sites, which are well worth a read. Jason is co-ordinator of Emergent-UK so could you please tell me how/why you are interested/involved in/with emergent/emerging church?

My involvement with Emergent is limited to the articles, podcasts and blogs I consume on a regular basis. I would consider myself an active part of the conversation. I would define our service (Revolution) as an "emerging" community in the sense that we are progressive and experimental, seeking to find our voice in our current cultural landscape and seek out those around us to invite them to join the journey of Kingdom living.

And a much appreciated and welcomed voice in the conversation too, thanks for coming on board as a guest blogger. Ok time for a little dreaming, please could you tell us if you could be/do anything you wanted to be, other than what you are now, what would it be?

I went to school originally for speech/language pathology and audiology. I would probably do that, specifically working with language development in children with cleft lip and/or palate and with hearing impaired children. Or I would be a school teacher.

Yes I can see both the teacher and the strong compassionate streak within you. Please could you tell where you get your inspiration from, who are your heroes and heroines and why?

I am inspired by anyone who gives of their time and talents sacrificially to help others. Bishop Tutu is a hero of mine, as is Mother Theresa for that reason.

Thanks Mak, a final thought/challenge, theology is [always/sometimes/never] fun so please could you tell us how would you describe the Kingdom of God in 5 words or less?

Hearing God's heart. Bringing reconciliation.


Same Qs to Paul Mayers...

Heh me, please could you tell the folks a little bit about who I am/what I do/be at the mo?

Well to spin on woody allen, self interviewing is talking to someone you love. So clearly I have major ego issues to work through, lol. I am married to Debs and have 2 sons, Nathan who is 3 and Daniel who is 9 months and we all live in Cheam nr Sutton (an urban village in greater london). I am qualified as an accountant, trained as an auditor and currently get paid by the government to turn complicated accounting standards into simple tick box checklists. As well as guesting on here, I blog at my own site, one for the road, am currently hungry as I am on a diet [me and a billion other new yr resoluters] and have been described by a certain Mr Clark as his "theological pimp" and "blogging gimp" but best not to go there ;)

Ah the Mr Clark who is co-ordinator of Emergent-UK... please tell the folks how/why I am interested/involved in/with emergent/emerging church?

I sort of stumbled into this fine blog one day and found it such a helpful place to think, be challenged and to converse. It was such a wonderful freeing place to find people who were thinking the same sorts of things as me but didn't want to ditch church, the bible, Jesus etc - it was like heh let's reimagine this thing called Christianity together and rather than start from scratch let's look at it from ancient, medieval, modern and postmodern traditions rather than just one tribe in one time... I guess I have learnt a lot about being generous and loving the whole church rather than just being mad at it since hanging out right here.

We moved into London back in May and started going to Vineyard Church Sutton, which is the faith community Jase planted - so you could say I am stalking him, from blog to church :). Very kindly he has invited me to guest post from time to time on his site and from thence to co-ordinate/look after the other guests. Must remember to go pick up those wet towels...

if I could be anything I wanted to be, other than what you are now, what would it be?

My dream would be running a community creating/serving/being wi- fi chilled cafe/juice bar by day (with a big space for soft play for the kids and great coffee for the parents) which did great burgers, steaks (ok maybe tofu too :) and beers of the world by night, live music, comedy, open mike etc in the evenings (or at least some) and had some form of open faith community that inhabited it, served the community, used it as a springboard to go out and a welcome mat to invite people in...

and/or a writer...

or a professional mess maker!

Well that's no surprise to the people who know you well! So what is something else that people might not know about you?

Well there are five things here from a recent game of blog tag. But something orginal is having someone model and give me the courage to be honest about my life - actually admititng my hopes, fears and where i struggle and still feel the love and acceptance of christians is one of the most profound experiences in my life - in all honesty it is something that I now try and model myself and think that without that encouter I would have lost my faith completely and probably my marriage into the process.

Thanks me, finally how would I sum up the kingdom of God in 5 words or less...

co-missioned adventures in encountering God