Life Rhythms


On paper my life doesn't have the bandwidth for a dog. I've often felt that my life was too busy for a dog, yet wondered if something was wrong if I was to busy for one? Dogs take time for walks amongst other things.

Yet three weeks ago a rescue labrador Charlie, joined our family. So far it's been amazing the change it has brought to the rhythm of our lives. Instead of cramming extra work in between the space when I come home late before an evening meeting, I have walked the dog with my kids.

On my days off, instead of doing some extra work, I have walked the dog, and been discovering some of the beautiful countryside near to where I live that has passed me by until now.

Out for a walk one night, I heard my son talking to one of his sisters about how he would normally be on his playstation and how walking the dog was much more fun. My eldest daughter told us all that she thought we were all less stressed as a family the past few weeks.

In any event, it's surprised me how Charlie with his always wagging tail, puppy dog eyes, and unconditional love, has become part of the family, and change our lives so much. The site of the rear end of Charlie chasing after two of my kids as they race him back to our house squealing with joy and laughter is something that lifts my soul, and makes me realise that making memories doesn't take long.