A star in my pocket


My son had his first speaking gig a couple of months ago. Short and sweet, and enough to reduce me to tears hearing him talk about his faith in his own words.

Then yesterday in his kids group one of his age group leaders, a well trained educationalist, introduced the birth of Jesus – ‘The incarnation – God entered our world as a baby’ and tried to help the kids to get a grip on that (or as Piaget would say – as a ‘concrete operation’) by asking what could you compare that to – ‘what’s it like…………?’

Lots of amazing reponses from the kids (below***), and my son's was 'It’s like – putting a star in my pocket!'

Seeing my Son grow and form his own faith, is a privelege, and he is already teaching me. I hope we become life long learners together.

It's love for your kids, that let them take floam and put it on your bald head for fun.


*** Other repsonses

It’s like – fitting the Empire State Building neatly into a matchbox

It’s like – seeing the beauty of a whole forest in the intricacy of a single leaf

It’s like – seeing the whole world through my ipod screen

It’s like – David Beckham joining my junior school football team (for good!)

It’s like – the Headmaster getting the cane