World Values Survey: Inglehart values and culture map of the world


Jörn Hjorth brought this to my attention. It is called the Inglehart Values Map, and can be found on the World Values Survey web site. For a detailed explanation of the map as it relates to different countries, see here.

The World Values Survey is ongoing having started in 1981, and surveys are extended and repeated every 10 years to map 'waves', of change (you can read history of the survey here). The Inglehart Map is one result of the survey. It maps two dimensions of cultural variation, (known as "traditional v. secular-rational" and "survival v. self-expression").

The farther "south" a society is, the more traditional; the farther "north" the more secular or "rational". The farther west a society is, the greater its concern for basic survival—food and shelter. The farther east, the greater the concern for self-expression and equal rights.

It will be interesting to see what the next wave is when it is mapped in 2011. It's a powerful visual way to view the world, and understand differences between cultures and has implications for mission, and church, that I am only beginning to ponder/wonder about. What does it make you think of as you view it?