What is real authenticity?


Tobias's post on Authenticity, got me thinking some more about what is real authenticity? Here is a great blog post by Trevin Wax that discusses authenticity, Time to Get Real about "Getting Real".

In summary it suggests that:

a. The cry for authenticity is vital. The I've got it all together victorious christian living, that saw Tedd Haggard as a casuality recently must be taken apart. We need christian to be real, especially our leaders.

b. But does the pendulum swing too far, so that authenticity means revelling in our imperfections, and sins. It's just the way I am, and stuff anyone who doesn't like anything about me.

And too often being 'real' is reduced to people having to let me be me, and behave as I want to, with no challenge. Yet this is so often a superficial acceptance. At an event this year I heard someone say 'if I could only find church that didn't ever want me to do or be anything, I'd join it', as if that was the mark of an authentic church. Aren't Christians are called to spur one another on, to challenge each other to grow, to remind each other that the real us, is a fallen us, so often lost in selfishness and ego, and that the real us is found in following Jesus with others. As Trevin put's it, "Confessing our sins and recognizing our brokenness is not optional for Christians".

Yet we so easily swing from one to the other, and undemanding 'be who you want to be' with no restraints and superficiality, or a judgmental and controlling respectableness.

So what do you think 'authenticity' really is?