Theology of Comedy & Humor


I have had my most unusal speaking/teaching invitation to date. It's to talk about the theology of humor, at a comedy festival in Sweden, to a bunch of professional stand up comedians.

I do have a love of all things Eddie Izzard, but am already nervous at the prospect of trying to crack a joke as I speak. So if any of you have any experience of this topic, other than the enjoyment of comedy, let me know. If you can read swedish go to for info on the May 2007 event.

As I understand it, the comedy zone is a growing event that attracts several hundred visitors and is (in the words of the organisers):

- A sort of "office party" for christian humorists - A humorfestival - A safe place for people who are unaccustomed to Church, where they can get to know us, without any strings attached - A fundraising event for a good cause