Sublime Magazine - Defining the new cool with a conscience


I have some friends who are involved in this magazine, which looks beautifully designed, and approaches our culture in a refreshing, engaging and transformational way. I've put part of an article by the editor below, and do check out their web site. ----------

Sublime Magazine - Defining the new cool with a conscience

"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together". This is the mantra of Damian and Laura Santamaria who have set themselves a high target in launching what they proudly describe as the First International Ethical Lifestyle magazine.

In March 2004 a group of about 30 of us got together. We had a vision of a magazine that would begin as a grassroots movement and grow organically, to inspire people towards an alternative way of living. Thirty months later you're holding the first fruits of that collaboration.

Sublime is an open space for creative and collaborative reflection. A space to envision in word and image the world we dare to imagine.

We’re fully independent, so the stories we bring are honest, individual and fresh points of view, reflecting the light of real people and beautiful things in an artistic and transparent way.

We hope you enjoy this foretaste so much that you will join us in something more than just a magazine. See page 28 for the journey we will be undertaking in the year ahead.

Indeed the momentum for the launch of Sublime Magazine has been growing steadily and surely since March 2004. We have invested much time and energy into setting up the company and putting together a stellar international team of writers, photographers and other contributors. In the notoriously competitive world of magazine publishing where several new publications go under each year, the Sublime team have been meticulous in their market research and have been testing their new formula through an online magazine that was launched in December 2004.

"We had a very successful launch of our Taster Issue in London Fashion Week last September, and the feedback has been fantastic. The most common comment from people was 'wow, about time we had something like this' It is quite reassuring to know that people are ready for this space which is much needed."

Readers and advertisers alike who are tired of formulaic glossies are turning to stylish independent magazines like Sublime. It has even been nominated for the style awards by the Sustainable Style Foundation in Seattle.

We see Sublime as belonging to a new breed of international independent magazines that are ready to express themselves and take risks to produce something inspirational for our times. It will stand out from other magazine publications and meet a need in the consumer marketplace by reflecting the light of beautiful people and beautiful things as well as truthful and authentic content, in an artistic and transparentway.

‘The philosophy of the magazine has exceeded all expectations, generating an international network of readers and supporters from over twenty countries - making Sublime the first magazine movement with such a wide following before its launch.’

They have set a future date of Summer ’06 for their first glossy printed issue and in the meantime they are expecting to start networking meetings in New York, Sweden, Paris, Madrid and Argentina. They are stoking the fires of enthusiasm by meeting as a team every two months and holding regular gatherings for like-minded thinkers. This intelligent way of ‘spreading the word’ and building an immaculate profile before launching with full force onto paper bodes well for the Sublime team. They tell us that the group that is devoted to the project has grown to around 200 people around the world, ‘making Sublime the first magazine to create a movement with so much global collaboration and interest well before its launch’. They might be going slowly but they are sure to go far! Check out the online magazine at ::Sublime Magazine

Damian Santamaria, co-director of Sublime, says: ‘our intention is to inspire and stimulate readers towards a more enriched, sustainable and virtuous lifestyle, without resorting to campaigning or lobbying.’ These guys know you don’t have to wear sandals and a beard to live an ethical life, instead they believe: ‘you can bring ethics and aesthetics together, that style and soul are not mutually exclusive’.

Find out more (much more!) about Sublime visit their web site. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to receive 6 bi-monthly issues (& free gift) for £30. For a preview of all 6 issues, check page 28 in one of the 200.000 taster issues. Issue 1 (January/February 07), ‘Reversing The Order’, is about what would happen if the poor were suddenly rich and our vision of beauty turned on its head… Oh, and don't forget: their next Sublime Think-Tanks are held November 16th both in London and New York.

We are pleased to announce that we launched our Taster ‘Issue 0’ of Sublime Magazine last week at London's Fashion Week event ON | OFF and design show 100% East. This is the first fruits of a long-anticipated vision that has been two and a half years in the making. We recognise we would not be here without your support and enthusiasm.